Rs.777 for a Vintage Beer Mug. Choose from 5 Options

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Rs. 1,000
Rs. 777
  • Offer is on a Choice of Vintage Beer Mugs:
  • Rs.777: Buy 1 Vintage Classic Beer Mug
  • Rs.888: Buy 1 Vintage Barrel Beer Mug
  • Rs.1499: Buy 2 Vintage Classic Beer Mugs
  • Rs.1599: Combo of Vintage Classic + Barrel Beer Mug
  • Rs.1699: Buy 2 Vintage Barrel Beer Mugs

Product Overview:

These Beer mugs are carved from European White Oak, the same wood which has been used since early days to age beer and other alcoholic beverages. They are handcrafted like a barrel. Wood maintains the temperature of the liquid. The wood used is imported from Europe and is furnace treated. This signifies that it is completely dry and has no adulteration of any sort of substance or liquid. The mugs are uniquely furnished ensuring no nails or any kind of metals used to hold the mug. This prevents internal rusting of metal. These mugs are designed for ‘Life’ - You may wash it or keep it submerged under water. They are built for everlasting use. Vintage Beer mug helps keeps the beer chilled for longer time in comparison with any other conventional method as the wood acts as an insulating agent keeping it chilled for a longer period of time.


  • Brand: Wood Trim
  • Material: Oak Wood
  • Strong and Durable, engineered to perfection
  • Owning this Mug will give you a sense of Pride, it looks classy and antique
  • Ideal for gifting it to yourself or your loved ones


  • Vintage Classic Beer Mug: 90 x 145 x 121
  • Vintage Barrel Beer Mug: 112 x 150 x 121

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