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Clothes Folding Tray

Wanting all clothes to live a wrinkle-free existence, today’s Groupon product offer creased threads the chance to crisp-up appearances. Saving reputations from being rumpled, the easy-to-use clothes folding tray flips and folds garments like shirts, pants, towels and more, in a matter of seconds. Providing a uniform 9” x 12’’ fold every time, clothes receive a standardized bind keeping drawers, closets and shelves in order.



Easy-to-use and efficient, the slim-line boards are unobtrusively stored away behind laundry doors until the next wrinkle arises. So all you have to do is just flip, flip, flip and fold…it’s that simple!

  • Features:
  • The ultimate folding tool
  • Maximize your storage space
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Easy to use – just flip and fold
  • Great for home or retail use
  • Folds any item in 5 seconds
  • Perfect uniform folds every time
  • Works on all sizes of shirts, shorts, pants and dresses
  • Dimensions : 1” x 9” x 23.5”
  • Material: Plastic

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