Rs.15 Voucher - Buy 2 Biryanis to Get 1 FREE at Viva Hyderabad, 5 Locations. Home Delivery and Takeaway

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Rs. 15
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The incomparable joy of opening a pack of biryani is an indescribable feeling experienced by a few compassionate beings.

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About the Merchant

At Viva Hyderabad, taste and quality are the most important ingredients of every recipe. Long-grained Basmati rice is layered with perfectly marinated meat and an assortment of fresh spices made in-house to create the most amazing fusion of flavours. The biryani is every bit as savory, palate pleasing and authentic. Known as the best Hyderabadi biryani in Delhi/NCR, Viva Hyderabad was born to bring a true Hyderabad delicacy.


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