Pay Rs.69 to Buy 2 Thalis & Get 1 Thali FREE at Panchavati Gaurav, Korum Mall

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Rs. 69
Rs. 69
  • Located at Thane
  • Chain of Thali restaurants across the India
  • Has outlets in 14 locations across India and is also present in the Middle East
  • Combines the culinary styles of Gujarati & Rajasthani cuisines and offers them in the traditional Thali style
  • 100% pure vegetarian
  • Click here to visit them on their Facebook page
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges

Many small portions of food can be more interesting than just one big item. Get a lot for less with today’s deal!

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About the Merchant

Panchavati Gaurav has outlets all over India and serves 100% pure vegetarian Rajasthani/Gujarathi cuisine. They have satisfied the taste buds and won the hearts of over 5 million customers. Out of all the items on their menu, the thali is the most famous, offering a plethora of dishes that give you a true taste of Rajasthan. It is no wonder that they are known as the “Thali King” with 68 different rotating menus containing 2,245 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan.


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