Haircut, Head Massage, Keratin Treatment, Makeovers and More at Head Turners, 8 Locations

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Rs. 1,500
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  • Choose from 8 locations:
  • Ballygunge
  • Princeton Club
  • City Center 1, Block E
  • City Center 1, Block D
  • Howrah
  • Asansol
  • Durgapur
  • Kalikapur
  • FLAT 20% OFF on Bridal & Groom Packages
  • Unisex offer
  • One of the most reputed salons in Kolkata
  • Professional products used for services
  • Frequented by celebrities
  • Renowned unisex salon with professionally trained staff and highly reputed standards of personalized service
  • 2nd Runners up of Color Trophy in 2007
  • World-class luxury products used for all services
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges

Hair color fades due to sun exposure and the passage of time, which is why it’s best to stay inside the blanket fort you made when you were 8. Get color that stands up to the elements with this Groupon.

What is Steam Activated Pro-Keratin Hair Straightening?

Steam is the essential element that defines the form of the hair and has the power to cut weak links inside the hair fibre. That makes it soft and re-shapable. That’s the advantage of the Steam Activated Pro-Keratin treatment. It penetrates into the hair with steam.Trapped between the floating plates, the hair gets “re-programmed” for the straightening process. The heat of the plates dries the hair as the water vaporises and the links inside the hair are restored.

Steam preserves the beauty of the hair.Water is an integral part if the hair fibre, it can represent upto 30% of its components. The continuous steam flow hydrates the fibre and prevents the hair from getting dry when the heat is applied.The Steam also protects the hair’s integrity


  • City Centre 1, Block D - Block-D-209, 2nd floor, City Center, Salt Lake
  • Ph - 8697974792


  • City Centre 1, Block E - Block-E-401, 4th floor, City Center 1, Salt Lake
  • Ph - 8697974791


  • Ballygunge - 3A, Gurusaday Road, Ballygunge
  • Ph - 8697974797


  • Princeton Club - 26, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Near Navina Cinema
  • Ph - 8697974793


  • Avani Mall (Howrah) - LG-9, Avani River Side Mall, Howrah
  • Ph-8697974794


  • Kalikapur - 1094, Purbachal Road, Opp. Bharat Petrol Pump, Kalikapur
  • Ph - 8697974707


  • Durgapur - Shop No.304, Junction Mall, Durgapur
  • Ph - 8697974795


  • Asansol - Shop No.312, 3rd Floor Glaxy Mall, Burnpur Road, Asansol
  • Ph - 8697974790

    Groupon Partner: Head Turners

    Head Turners is a unisex salon that offers a range of beauty services. Making use of the nest quality products, the beauticians here offer personalized service to ensure the customer is satisfied with their look. Starting from Haircuts, Facial, Body Massage to Hair Treatments, they have it all. They also bagged Color Trophy - 2nd Runner up prize in 2007. The interiors are soothing with its plush decor which rejuvenates your senses and helps you drive away stress from the day.

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