Flower Bouquet, Chocolates & More from Flaberry, Online Service with Delivery across Delhi & Gurgaon 

75% OFF
Rs. 399
Rs. 99
  • Available as an online service
  • Flaberry is a fast growing company fulfilling all your floral gifting needs
  • Unique Technology addons like MyVoice4U (personal voice message) and more to enhance the gifting experience
  • Delivery across Delhi & Gurgaon 
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges

Flowers — like synchronized swimming and games of dumb charades —expresses emotions that words cannot. Convey the unconveyable with today’s Groupon

Groupon Partner: Flaberry

Flaberry is the fastest growing company to fulfil all your floral gifting needs. It acts your personal messenger to places, occasions and more. They boast a bounty of smile-inducing fresh flowers for every conceivable reason.

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