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In an age where children are glued to the Television and computers, the room for physical activities is very minimal. This deal is a boon to all those parents who wish to get their children to actually start playing.

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About the Merchant

FunDay is a multisports coaching for Children between the ages of 3 and 10 years in a safe, creative and non-competitive environment. 

They conduct Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Gymnastics & Cricket coaching in a structured manner. Our coaching programmes have been developed in consultation with scientist in Sports Science and sports management. 

Funday seeks to balance bodies & brains by encouraging kids to participate in range of sports activity, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sports, increase confidence, concentration, co-ordination, postural strength and independence and prepare children for participation in school and the broader community. 

Whether your child becomes an active team player, a weekend athlete, or an enthusiastic fan, Funday Sports classes will prepare your athlete with a solid grounding in the skills, rules and strategies of tem sports. Funday sports curriculum is carefully designed to strengthen not only childs physical abilities, but also ability to listen and to learn. Our progressive curriculum and individualized instruction negin with preschool and continue through grade school to ensure that your child gains skills in a age appropriate way. Since one skill build upon another – from class to class and age group to age group. Funday sports literally grows with your child. 


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