32-Lecture Online Certification Course on C# Programming by UK Faculty

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Rs. 199
  • This course is suitable for beginner programmers
  • The course takes you step-by-step on how to write C# code to develop Windows or Mac applications using either the free Visual C# Express, a commercial edition of Microsoft Visual Studio or the free MonoDevelop for OS
  • Learn the core features of programming – variables, constants, functions and data types
  • Learn about Object Orientation and the more advanced features of C# and the .NET framework such as file-handling, data-streaming, dealing with exceptions (errors) and overriding methods
  • Sample projects are provided to download, run and modify
  • The course also includes a course eBook that provides even more information on the topics being discussed
  • The course instructor, Huw Collingbourne, is Director of Technology with SapphireSteel Software, a company that specialises in Visual Studio development tools (written in C#) for professional programmers
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