22 Module Comprehensive Photography & Photo Editing Course with Video Tutorials at Illuminati ImageAcademy, Online

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  • Online Service
  • Includes Photography Basics as well as professional photography and introduction to post processing
  • Life time Access to Online Course, which contains video tutorials
  • Access to photo editing software & material
  • Course is designed for any camera users including DSLR, point & shoot, mobile and iPhone camera
  • Certificate of participation given to students
  • Study material is designed by taking input from multiple international journals, books written by world famous photographers like Scott Kelby, David Peterson as well from team illuminati’s decades of professional experience in photography & film industry
  • Clients include Capgemini, Green Hoper model management, Elite Model Flatt, Cogxio – online dating & matchmaking site along with couple of production houses in South Indian movie and advertisement industries
  • Featuring student’s photos and name in our gallery
  • Everyday photography tips via social media
  • Periodic Photo contests to improve your skills
  • Learn techniques followed by professional photographers
  • Learn to make your own studio
  • You don’t need a DSLR for the course, You can use the tools present in our studio
  • Lifetime membership to club Illuminati, interact with fellow members of the community (more than 4000 members across the country).
  • Share & learn ideas from each other participate in discussion forums, get review comments in your photos and ways to improve your skill
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges

A good eye, is a trained eye. Channel your photography skills with professional help with this Groupon.

Module 1:

Before you take a photo- Visualize an image

  • Is there anything about photography that you need to know before knowing the technology
  • What is Visualization
  • How to ‘Make an Image’ and not just ‘Click a photo’
  • ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, but how many people have listened to your photo’s voice


Basics of Digital Photography

  • Technology of photography
  • How a digital image is formed
  • Pixel & RAW De-mystified
  • Optical zoom & Digital zoom


Module 2:

Knowing your camera & handling it

  • Have you explored all buttons, menus and options in your camera
  • Get the best of your current gear
  • Understanding your user manual


Modes in DSLR Camera

  • What are the various modes in DSLR camera
  • Which mode shall I use now
  • When & where do I use other modes


Module 3:

Exposure Concepts

  • EXPOSURE – Exposed!!
  • What is the effect of exposure on photographs
  • How to control & get the best of exposure

Aperture Demystified

  • What is Aperture?
  • What is the effect of Aperture on photography
  • How to control Aperture
  • When to use which Aperture setting

Shutter Demystified

  • What is Shutter & Shutter Speed
  • What is the effect of Shutter speed on photography
  • How to control Shutter speed
  • When to use which Shutter speed

ISO Demystified

  • What is ISO Sensitivity
  • What is the effect of ISO Sensitivity on photography
  • How to control ISO Sensitivity
  • When to use which ISO Sensitivity setting

Combination of Aperture, Shutter speed & ISO Sensitivity

  • Which should you set first? Aperture, Shutter speed or ISO sensitivity
  • How does the combined setting affect your photography
  • How to get the best combination of Aperture, Shutter speed & ISO sensitivity


Module 4:

Depth of Field

  • What is depth of field and it’s importance in photography
  • Factors affecting depth of field
  • Which depth of field makes a good photograph
  • What tools you need to get your desired depth of field
  • How to get the desired depth of field without the required tools


Module 5:


  • What is metering and it’s affect in photography
  • How to control Metering
  • What is the right metering setting for which type of photography



  • What is Focusing & Auto Focusing
  • Auto Focus Area & Auto focus types
  • Which auto focus setting and which auto focus point is right


White Balance

  • What is metering and it’s affect in photography
  • How to control Metering
  • What is the right metering setting for which type of photography


Module 6:


  • What is a good composition
  • How to achieve an attractive composition with least effort
  • Composition rules


Module 7:


  • Introduction to various types of lenses
  • Which lens is good for you
  • Which is the first extra lens that you need to buy
  • Good camera vs good lens


Module 8:

Introduction to Professional Photography

  • Why some photos look professional and some not
  • Is it only about high-end tools & gears
  • Basic rule of professional photography


Module 9:

How to shoot stunning portrait/people


  • Learn the best composition for shooting people
  • Which light works the best for portrait
  • Lenses, equipment and set up for portrait photography
  • Shooting Kid’s portrait


Module 10:

How to shoot memorable Events & Weddings

  • How to get best Composition among chaos at Events
  • What tools required & how to set them up
  • Must to capture moments
  • Dos & Don’t for event photography
  • Ensuring backup tools, photos & other things


Module 11:

How to capture Lively Landscapes

  • The right time
  • The right Angle
  • Must to capture places wherever you go
  • Challenges & overcoming them
  • Tools required and using them


Module 12:

How to capture breathtaking flowers and absolute macros

  • Get the best composition out door/indoors
  • Right angle to take picture
  • Tools suggested
  • Tricks which can be used


Module 13:

How to get the best photos in Low light/Night

  • Composition for Night Landscape
  • Light vs Depth of field
  • Right use of tools


Module 14:

Image format, Noise & Zoom

  • Various image formats & their use
  • What is noise and how to avoid it
  • Optical zoom & Digital zoom


Module 15:

Your first professional camera

  • Factors to look and not to look for
  • How to research about various cameras
  • Dos & Don’t while selecting
  • How to upgrade your existing camera


Module 16:

Take care of your gear

  • Things to be careful of
  • Things you need to buy to protect your camera & accessories


Module 17:

Accessories you need to buy

  • Good to have vs must have accessories
  • How to use accessories properly
  • How to take care of accessories


Module 18: Basic Photo editing

Module 19: Make your own studio


Module 20:

Becoming a professional photographer

  • Taking good photos vs. getting paid for taking photos
  • How to network
  • Pricing your work
  • Photo folio


Module 21:

  • Playing with colors
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Contrast
  • Histogram
  • Viggenett


Module 22: Advance photo editing in Photoshop.

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