Satya Niketan: Pizza, Burger, Snacks, Beverages & More at Dude Food

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Rs. 225
Rs. 110
  • Located at Benito Juarez Marg
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges

The best pizzas, like the worst Elvis impersonators, are cheesy, saucy and often live in cardboard boxes. Sink into sinful doughy circles and a range of other yummy delights with this Groupon.


  • Garlic Bread
  • Tandoori Stuffed Aaloo
  • Dude Baked Nachos
  • Chicken Nachos


Main Course

  • Pasta - Arrabiata/Alfredo/ Mamarrosa (Penne/Spaghetti)
  • Pizza- Veggie Crunch Pizza, Grilled Chicken Pizza (6̎)
  • Burgers- Simpleton Veg Burger, Fried Chicken Burger



  • Muffin
  • Churros


Beverage (for Offer 3): Fresh Lime/Ice Tea/Soft Drink/ Cold Coffee


All Day Breakfast Menu-

  • Belgian Waffle
  • Paneer Bhurji Parantha
  • Classic American Pancake
  • Railway Station Omelets
  • Eggs Kejriwal

Groupon Partner: Dude Food

Dude Food, located a Benito Juarez Marg serves a variety of food & drinks on their menu. They have a welcoming ambiance and a  dedicated staff, giving you a satisfying experience.

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