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Business Bunny @ 80% off
MBA Learning Guide
Business Bunny provides MBA tutorial guides which covers all sectors of marketing, HR, Ops and Finance. They offer videos, theory, ebooks and notes. They also have reference guide along with personal assistance if needed.

Things to remember
  • Can be accessed offline
  • Not time specific
  • Interactive package which includes Videos, Theory, Ebooks, Tips, Case studies and much more
  • Can be used by students, professionals, and business enthusiasts
  • Can be used as lifetime guide and used anytime as per convenience
  • Designed by MBA professionals
  • Personal assistance provided on any communication medium on prior appointments
  • Covers 30+ topics in marketing, HR, Finance each
  • Includes all topics covered in 2 year MBA syllabus from top-tier colleges in India
  • Includes in-depth knowledge on Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Ops and more
  • All offers are inclusive of taxes & service charges

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