Rs.699 for an Animal Night Light. Choose from 4 Designs

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Rs. 699

Animal Night Light

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, not because he desired improved indoor illumination, but because he needed something to hang above his head during his next “Aha!” moment. Have lights swaying above your own head as you tuck yourself or your child into bed with today’s Groupon

Offer 1: Dog Shaped Night Lamp

Offer 2: Penguin Night Lamp

Offer 3: Turtle Night Lamp

Offer 4: Unicorn Night Lamp

Product Overview:

  • The Night Light that turns your room into a starry sky
  • Projects 3 soothing colors: Amber, Blue & Green
  • 3 AAA Batteries (not included) or 4.5V DC Adapter (USB cable included)

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