Gift The Joy of Menstrual Freedom to a Girl Child & Help Her Break the Taboo

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Rs. 109

Online Service: Gift A Girl Child Today! Comic Health Guide & Sanitary Napkins at Milaap Social Ventures

Little girls with dreams become women with a vision… Help her out today and you’ll see her make you proud tomorrow. Be the game changer and #BreaktheTaboo with this Groupon.

The Deal

Choose from the following online donations:

Offer 1 - Rs.109:

  • Gift A Comic Guide on Menstruation

Offer 2 - Rs.139:

  • Gift A Comic Guide on Menstruation
  • Gift 1 Pack of Sanitary Napkins

Offer 3 - Rs.169:

  • Gift A Comic Guide on Menstruation
  • Gift 2 Packs of Sanitary Napkins

Offer 4 - Rs.199:

  • Gift A Comic Guide on Menstruation
  • Gift 3 Packs of Sanitary Napkins

NOTE: For every Groupon bought, one rural girl child educated about the menstruation and the myths surrounded and will adopt hygienic menstrual practices

Groupon Partner: Milaap Social Ventures India

Milaap is a mission driven company changing the way people fund and impact communities in need. Every day, Milaap connects hundreds of hardworking borrowers looking to start a small business, pay for education, install better facilities in their households, and more, with people from around the world willing to lend and rally their friends and family with as little as US $25 and watch the magic ensue. The end borrowers are the deserving working poor of India, students, small businesses, families who need small amount of capital to go ahead and change their lives for the better.

MenStrupedia is on a mission to help the rural girls in overcoming the ‘Fear of red’ and #BreaktheTaboo of menstruating. Milaap has partnered with Menstrupedia to help the rural girls understand what is happening with their body and show them the right path to battle with the social taboos around menstruation.Each rural girl child will be provided with a copy of the comic book and sanitary napkins to stay hygienic. This will not only help her in staying healthy but also continue her education.


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