BBQ Expert OR Ramadan Biryani Cooking Lessons at CookwithNeetha, Ulsoor

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Rs. 1,500
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  • Located at Ulsoor
  • This offer is for anyone who wants to learn to BBQ at home and prepare delicious grilled fare
  • BBQ Expert Classes:
  • Tickle-your-taste bud-Tuesdays: 21st July & 28th July, 2015
  • To make you a backyard BBQ expert, items include Malabar-Stuffed Chicken, Veg & Chicken Pizzas on the grill, & BBQ Salad
  • Desserts: Choco-lava Cake & Grilled Pineapple with Ice-Cream
  • Ramadan Biryani Classes:
  • Super Friday 31st July, 2015
  • Authentic with Flavors of Ramadan: BBQ Biriyani, Mutton Raan, & Stuffed Aubergine
  • Desserts: Baklava
  • Topics covered:
  • Grill basics such as lighting charcoal, maintaining grill temperature and grill safety
  • Marinating techniques
  • Grilling meats, vegetables and fruits
  • Use of grill accessories
  • Baking on the grill 
  • Inclusive of all taxes and service charges

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… But do your cooking experiments result in burnt scrapes and not-very-tasty food? Worry not, this Groupon ensures you maximum learning and minimum mistakes.. Get this one and become your man’s pride.

Groupon Partner: CookwithNeetha

Conducted by Ms.Neetha, this course is a cooking workshop to master the art of grilling and baking through interactive, hands-on experience. Participants themselves chop, blend, grill and taste the food. Hand-outs are provided, so taking notes is not required. Host a BBQ party at your house terrace or garden. Impress your guest with yummy grilled food. Barbecue is the most fun way of cooking and having a great time with your family and friends. 

About the program:

This is an Interesting workshop where you will learn the art of cooking delicious barbecue dishes. It will be an interactive, hands-on experience, where participants themselves grill, taste and also enjoy the BBQ food they cook. Recipe hand-outs are provided.

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