BLAZE TWISTER (Black) Single Bearing Fidget Spinner Toy, Spintime 2-3 Min By Daddy and Sons Toys

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Rs. 299.00
Rs. 299.00
  • SPIN TIME 2-3 MINS: Blaze Spinners are single bearing with steel bearings. Rotation is fast and you get great smooth spintime of 2-3 Mins Easily
  • BALANCE: Blaze Spinners are well balanced even at fast speeds, so spin ahead!
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Our spinners are an absolute value for money. These are entry level spinners and once you get the hang of these, head over to our ceramic and metal spinners!
  • GET OUR APP: Blaze spinners are the only spinners in the world having Augmented Reality App. You can download the app after Amazon Purchase from
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY: When you buy BLAZE Spinners, you can be sure that you and your children get the best quality and non-toxic products. All our Fidget Spinners are ROHS and CE Certified

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